My Gallery

Reflection of eras

Mixed media (oils & acrylics), 2 blind spot mirrors, twine and furniture handle, 50*70 cm
March 2021

What we pay for

Mixed media on canvas, pills, bullet casings, 40*50 cm
March 2021
A part of art series “Paramedical reflections”

Self-treatment efficacy

Oil on canvas, plasters, 40*50 cm
February 2021

A part of art series “Paramedical reflections”

(1/8) Wisdom is incurable

Oil on canvas, 4 extracted wisdom teeth, threads, beads, 40*50 cm
November 2020
A part of art series “Paramedical reflections”

The Apotheosis of Invisible Struggle

Oil & Acrylic on Canvas, 80*110 cm, 2020

Along with the rapid growth of high technology, unreasonable consumerism is also growing. As we dive deeper into virtual reality, we forget about pressing ecological problems and the consequences of mindless consumption. It’s time for every one of us to think and take action, otherwise…