Acrylic paints on canvases, 60*150 cm (60*50 cm*3), sound design by Andrii Yefymov

October 2021

How often do you grab a glass/spoon/fork/knife not looking at it? It seems that each of us sometimes comes into the kitchen with a phone in hand or turning on a laptop/TV at the entrance. And then virtual reality takes away almost all the attention, and we automatically take kitchenware items without looking (or what is called “having one eye on it”), cook and eat with eyes stuck in our favourite TV series/show/content. Have you ever noticed that?
We are staying more and more at home, but less and less outside of virtual reality (social networks, applications, films, etc). We almost live in it.
So what is reality then? Is virtual reality real and has our reality become virtual now?
Is there any water in the glass? Is it spoon or fork this time? Are you sure? Do you grab a knife not looking at it? Not often, because it’s too dangerous, right?

P.S. You can see the stereoscopic 3D effect through the anaglyph glasses but only live.

The sound design is made entirely from sounds of three objects from the kitchen: glass, spoon and knife.