Self-treatment efficacy

Oil on canvas, plasters, 40*50 cm
February 2021

There is no doubt that most people with such kind of injury will search for a qualified help. But this artwork is intended for clarification of the bigger problem. A lot of people are avoiding doctors with simple respiratory diseases. The neighbour once said that antibiotic X helped her with that. Ok, great I’ll get it as well!
But have you ever thought that most common consequences of self-treatment are allergic reactions (84.3%), angioedema (21.5%), anafilaxy (5.2%), damage to central nervous system (4.2%) and digestive system (3.1%)!?
And the most significant side effect is antibiotic resistance.
This problem causes 700 000 deaths every year.
The level of self-prescribing antibiotics is surged to a record high in Ukraine. Due to pandemics the sales of antibiotics on the market have grown tremendously, for instance Ceftriaxone sales are 220% up, Azithromycin – 400%. But Nadroparin became really famous, thanks to the treatment protocol where it states that this medication can prevent lung damage. So the sales went up to 3000% compared to the beginning of 2020.
Ministry of Health warns that self-treatment could be dangerous for your health!