My Bio

About Me

Hi, dear art lover! I am an artist from Ukraine, currently moved to Lisbon due to the war.

I’ve had a passion for art since I was a child. In 2004, I graduated from the Art school with honors. However, after a difficult adolescence and uncertainty caused by my love for natural sciences, I postponed my dream of becoming an artist and decided to become a doctor.

Now I have medical diploma and still love the medicine as science, but I feel myself truly happy only with the brush in my hand.

Becoming a mom made me realize, that dreams cannot be postponed! There is no better time than now! And here I am: a free and happy artist with a medical education, eager to say a lot with my artworks.

You are welcome to join my creative journey.

The themes I work with and why

I am an artist with an unlimited love for science, art and the human body.

As I have medical background, in art I am focused on such themes as health and conscious living. I aim to explore the relationships between humans and the world around us, the impact that our actions have on the planet and each other.

Now, after I went through the depression caused by the need to flee the war, I am investigating the theme of mortality and perception of death as a great motivation to live this life as the best gift. I want to transform my fear and despair experienced at the beginning of the war into art. I believe that art is a kind of international language which can be used to unite people around the emerging problems and help them reassess the attitude towards life and death, and consequences of their behavior.