Oil on board, 50*40 cm

In the quiet corners of existence, there are souls who tread the path of mere existence, rather than truly living. They move through the world with mechanical precision, their hearts wrapped in shadows, and their spirits asleep. Days turn into years, and they drift in a sea of routine, unaware of the vibrant hues of life passing them by.

But as the sands of time continue to fall, flowers continue their cycle of blooming and withering, there comes a moment of reckoning. A moment when the mirror of introspection reflects the truth they’ve long ignored. It whispers a gentle reminder that life is not merely a collection of days; it is a symphony of experiences, an artful dance of moments both big and small.

It’s never late to awaken from this slumber, to taste the colors, feel the rhythms, and embrace the beautiful chaos of existence. By acknowledging our own mortality, we find the power to live this life and create our own masterpiece.