Mixed media on canvas board, 50*40 cm

The concept of death has always been a concern, evoking fear and desire to escape it (through religion or faith in underworld, for example). Yet, amidst the uncertainty it brings, there exists a profound perspective: to perceive death not as a source of dread, but as a motivation for cherishing life as an exquisite gift. Like a precious hourglass with grains of sand slipping away, we come to understand the fragility and fleeting nature of our existence.

When we embrace death as an integral part of life’s narrative, it helps us reassess our priorities and pursue our passions wholeheartedly. It reminds us to embark on the adventures we have been dreaming of.

Embracing death as a motivation doesn’t mean denying the inherent sorrow and grief that accompanies loss. Rather, it encourages us to transform our emotions into a force that propels us forward. It invites us to honor the memory of those who have passed by living out our dreams and aspirations.

Ultimately, the realization of our mortality can serve as a powerful reminder that life is not to be squandered or feared, but rather celebrated as an extraordinary gift. For in understanding the transient nature of our existence, we unlock the profound wisdom that our time is limited, and it is up to us to make it truly count.

So follow me in this perception of mortality to live your life fully just now, because we don’t know if the future exists.