Let the light in

Mixed media (oil & acrylics) on canvas, 80*60 cm, May 2021
She was a victim of violence. In all its forms.
But she only became strong after admitting her weakness. Until she admitted to herself that she was a victim, did not feel sorry for herself, did not hug, did not throw off the feeling of guilt and the fact that she was somehow wrong, bad, broken, she could not let the light in and heal. Move forward and build her life the way she wants, and most importantly – the way she deserves. She stopped rejecting a person who was ready to share his light with her and who saw the light in her, despite all the defences from the past. He illuminated her path to finding her true self, lying through the thorny forest of past events, emotions and experiences.
The past is just the past. You can push on and let go of it. But there is no butterfly without a cocoon. Having built a cocoon out of self-pity, you can’t escape it. And if someone offers help transforming pity into self-love, accept that help! Let yourself be a butterfly and fly!