Acrylic paints on canvases, 60*150 cm (60*50 cm*3), sound design by Andrii Yefymov

November 2021

When you have a small child, there is almost no time for anything else… And parents often do several things simultaneously. For example, they read messages on social networks or watch a TV series/movies while shaking a rattle for baby, giving baby a pacifier or bottle-feeding a baby having one eye on it. It’s extremely difficult to allocate a separate time for this … Social networks replace live communication for young parents, who simply haven’t enough time to hang out. And then virtual reality takes away almost all the attention, and we automatically play with the child with eyes stuck in our favorite content. Have you ever noticed that?

We are staying more and more at home, but less and less outside of virtual reality (social networks, applications, films, etc). We almost live in it.
So what is reality then? Is virtual reality real and has our reality become virtual now?

P.S. You can see the stereoscopic 3D effect through the anaglyph glasses but only live.

The sound design is made entirely from sounds of three objects from the nursery: rattle, pacifier and baby bottle.